Do you ask who stands behind this project?

Czech polytechnic artist Pavel Černý has always had a close relationship with nature. That's why when he saw the healthy trees in the city that were defeated he began to initiate an effort to return the wood back. This "way" led him to become a sculptor. Also when he watched the cutting of ceramic furnaces which left a pile of rubble. There he found the ceramic clay and he started to learn how to work with it. It was a pure interest in making use of things that do not suit people but it still has its quality.


He also wanted to create something what people would notice and highlight the issue of global plastics pollution. So He created a huge 10 meter sculpture of a whale made from recycled plastic and waste wood. He traveled many places in the Czech Republic and abroad with it. Other works of whales and other sculptures on the theme of the sea and nature gradually was created and are still created in his workshop.


Pavel comes from Czech and creates in a different places. Regularly he meets with children and students for whom he prepares entertaining creative workshops. He is the author of many exhibitions and organizer of public events. He cooperates with nurseries, schools and towns.


He is inspired by nature. She also does not throw away anything and makes use of it. Therefore in his work he prefers material from local sources which would otherwise be throwed away or burned. His intent is to playfully show to adults and children that the world is one big playground where everything is connected and related together. And if we engage meaningfully in the system of life on the planet, we will work together and use our talents to enrich others then we can create, live and grow together.


The whale is alive mainly thanks to cooperation with many fans and volunteers. Thank you:

Leoš Kubový - driver, entertainer, supplier of necessary materials, non-profit organization
Pavlína Jančová - administrator, organizer, coach, marketer
Martina Kotrčová - graphic designer, graphic artist, art teacher
Roman Kepka - woodworm, yoga instructor, therapist and masseur
Hanka Kudová - designer and builder of natural buildings, organizer of workshops
Petra Kalistia Lammas - Production of costumes and textile eco merchandise (
Dennis Paul Lammas - Musical Instruments Producer, Musician (
Vendy Sanpryia - dancer, actress, children's guide, yoga instructor, face painting ...
Michael Rada - President at IBCSD LAB (
Milan Čečil - IT expert, graphic designer
Marie Vají - knows everything best :-)
and more and more ....


We also host volunteers from abroad

We are very thankful to these associating communities for the opportunity to get to know and cooperate with people from around the world:

WORKWAY - The side of cultural exchange -

WWOOF - WorldWide Opportunities on Organic Farms -